Monday, June 27, 2011

Midsummer Memories

Midsummer is celebrated here as Noche de San Juan and was held on 23rd of June.
On that night people gathers to beach and has bonfires and BBQ's. At midnight everyone goes to sea to " wash up" their sins and bad spirits away. Loads of fun I heard and lots of people. Also it brings good luck for the following year if you jump over the bonfire 3 times.
( I wonder how many burn accidents they have here.. )
I even heard from another friend that some people throw flowers to the sea while they wash up, for good luck as well. All the action starts pretty late though: In Marbella they had concerts planned at the beach and they all started around 10pm. Far too late for my youngsters..however I was thinking to take an evening walk and go see the happenings with them and just take a taxi home, but hahaa.. we stayed home!

Weather god was not in ourside this year.. the day started as a bit foggy.. and just went worse and worse.
At 9pm it was so foggy we could not see anything. Nada. Not even the houses nearby or our pool under our balcony. Was funny and bizarre. And cold! First time in weeks we had long sleeves on and took back our bedcovers for the night..

My son is so rotten spoiled with the sunshine that when he was looking at the weather he made a camp at the sofa put on a dvd and said " mom im not going anywhere with that weather"
- so we stayed home and made popcorn.

at midnight we started hearing bang bang bang.. Fireworks Big Time,
- still couldnt see anything!!
just heard it, went on for 20-25mins.. must have been pretty cool.
My friends who had gone to the beach said there was people but not as much as usually and even them, at the beach, did not see anything of the fireworks.. I saw many of our neighbours were home as well, standing in balconies and trying to catch some of the skyshow, so guess, we were not the only ones with the decision to stay home...

I found this picture in internet from last year in Marbella, when obviously, weather was nicer ..

Huge difference to the way Midsummer is celebrated in Finland. We also burn bornfires, but in private, in our own summercottages by the lakes or sea with friends and family around.

This year midsummer was also Daddy's Birthday.. so we did get to party as well..
and Daddy's ( one of the many) favorite food- homemade burgers!
Coolest part was though Oskar and Birthday Cake!
His first ever cake he made :)

paperhats and kids cakes makes a good birthday

this same evening was the Midsummer Party in Finland, our homecountry;  all celebrating the night when the sun doesnt go down at all..
..we decided to take a midnight swim too!
 was first time we went down to the pool in the dark.

                   No bornfires or big parties this year.. sometimes home is just best! 

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