Friday, December 31, 2010

Feliz Año Nuevo

In Spain the change of the year is celebrated with Cava and Grapes.. 12 grapes, 1 for each month for luck and good harvest. Grapes are flushed away with Cava.. You eat them at midnight, and not just eat.. the story says you should feed all the grapes one by one to your loved one. How romantic is that!

....with some candles of course.  Candles make the world a better place.

Lets all make 2011 A Fabulous Year!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

I am me, you are you and we are we

My children got excited after I told them about Mom's new diary.. so, here is a little introduction to my kiddies and our life.

Ines is our fashionista, our princess.
She is 2yrs, but nearly 3.. -11 nights actually to her Big 3!
We know because she asks us everyday...she has already  HerBigDay booked and  planned..
 ( gonna be a busy day if we try to make it all happen ;).

.. she wants doll's make-up as present and jewellery. She has also given us a new meaning of clothes and dressing up.. she changes her clothes 5 times a day, she has for instance " tv-kläder" = tv watching outfit, and is completely amazed why we dont have? She loves Flowers, Dora The Explorer and suprise, Hello Kitty.

Unbelievable little girl. We just love her.

She is going to be one  tough cookie when she grows up..
Very wild, always climbing to the highest spot in playparks and looking for the maximum action.

Oskar is our 5yrs old Lego-boy. He could be sitting for hours on this little Lego desk, in his own world.. a dreamer.

I found this plastic lego-table set with 2 chairs from a fleetmarket in Helsinki 1yr ago, paid 12euros for it. The best buy I ever found on a fleetmarket. He loves that table.

He is also a TV-boy and likes to watch Disney- movies and kids concerts
they actually both are,
we are a TV-family.

so after seen many movies kids love to dress up on different role-play outfits. My mother was here visiting us 2wks ago and she bought Oskar this Woody-outfit from ToyStory,
Oskar loves that movie and that outfit so much that he has been  "Woody"  pretty much since he got it  -incl Christmas. It was difficult to get it away from him for 1 night to wash it .

Summasummarum..even though they have my temper that is a.k.a  Ferrari Engine, they are fantastic kids!
Oskar just loves his little princessmonstersister,  looks after her all the time .. I can hear them talk sometimes and I hear how he nags at her for "misbehaving":
" hey, dont be stupid, you cant do that you are going to be hurt, Im gonna tell Mom you did that"

We are very proud of them.

Welcome to Pacos Paradise

Another year nearly gone and done.. exciting times!

A lot of changes in our everyday life will kick in little by little.
First of all kids will start nursery again after 6 months of easy mornings and late nights..
We have chosen a Finnish speaking Kids Club for them at this point, we really hope them to find new friends and we thought same language makes boundaries lower..

Local Spanish School  looks great and I have decided to find more information about it,  Oskar will start school , latest, in August 2011 and we are thinking the same of Ines. School starts here at the age of 3, so she could go, and she would love the action.. she is a wildcat and  would not even notice there are different languages.

So this spring will be pretty much school hunting, there are many options to choose since all Scandinavian countries have their own schools here with different methods and  ways.
We also found out that there is a significant difference on the School-prices if  we enroll our kids before 1st March. So,  start the hunt now:)

Workwise, there will be some changes as well.. will tell more when  know more..

Anyhow, the best of all is the SUN that keeps shining in our body and mind. We love our life here, would not change a thing. Our new home and hoods are brilliant, we felt instantly " home" after few days..
Expectations are high for the next few coming months.
Lets make them alive!

Incase you feel like following our lives here, do pop in here once in a while to see whats going on..
I try to post every week some greetings!


Lets make dreams come true