Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cyber your world- or not

Hola Hola Hola World..

We are getting tanned.. sun is shining and you can tell that "summertime clock change" has really made a difference here.. sun is up untill 9pm and life is all outdoors. Playparks are full of families still at 8.30pm.. For us its after dinner.. but Im thinking here its probably- before dinner. We are still so "nordic",our dinners are way before Spain is eating..

Strawberries are big and tasty and we just love them:

We got a nice surprise few days ago.. a broken dishwasher! OMG! What did we do before dishwashers.. ? We have had a dishwasher always- always! . Luckily our landlord is supernice guy and will be fixed asap.. was a minute of desperate thinking though.. had both on at the same time. Dishwasher and a washingmachine.. side by side and kitchen floor was full of water.. argh.

all I was thinking; If I have to choose : I so hope its the dishwasher.. not the washing machine. Dishes are still ok by hand, clothes and sheets a bit more annoying issue to wash by hand..  And lucky me, dishwasher it is! Laundry is happily drying outside..

but dishes are all over..

We continue our one family war against Internet providers.. this is getting hilarious and annoying at the same time. We've made a contract with company X - knowing its a big company throughout Europe, thinking it will be ok.. So Far all we got is USB stick and bad connection. We've got 2 different guys coming to our house to open some electricity boxes and fixing some lines in our garage. Last one said - 2 days. After a weeks time we called again and again and again..

And now they say after all this hassle, they cant deliver after all..
 Hah and Pah!
They say we can take the box back - for free of charge - ( all providers make 1 year contracts and if you end it before, you pay a fine ) - so basically, atleast they dont charge us.

I started checking the WIFI's that are in use in our appartment complex and saw we are actually the only ones using this company, all the other were from a different provider.. sooo, would this be the problem?

Also, we have complained a lot.. called and called and called.. and Patrik has sent emails to all over the world... So I was also thinking that maybe its US the problem, they are just fed up with us complaining?

So I went to see another company, I knew there is a Finnish girl working. Went to talk with here. And I must say, my kind of customer service. 12 points! honest and nice.

She explained me the situation. OH BOY :D she told me Internet business is 20yrs behind of what we are used to in Finland.- Nokia- Connection People- I miss you -. I had never realized the difference would be so huge. She told me, she could ofcourse sell me a package, but this same issue would probably come up in couple months time. She told me that these houses, appartment complex's dont have enough wire for everyone " not enough copper as she said " and this could be the problem with us as well. ..  Lines are full and thats why they cant deliver.

We should check with Telefonica, the company that owns it all. And is the one behind the last click. If someone can bring us ADSL its Telefonica.. if the case is that our house is " full" there is nothing no-one can do..

Amazing, Isnt it?? just WOW... in 2011.

She also told me that there is a new provider opening up business here next month, a company that is selling Internet connections via Satellite. .. Apparently, we are not the only ones with problems..

My world is On-Line. Patriks work is On-Line. My life is On-line.. Kids want to Skype to friends and family and actually see Grandma - not get disconnected in every 30seconds..
this is mad.

Luckily kids are still happy with colouring books..

and  Spanish Dora; their favorite... I like Dora too!!

And we love the summer!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kings and Vagabonds

Happy St Patrick's Day!
I guess Ireland is one big party tonight,,. I wish I have a chance some day visit Ireland on this date!
I heard its crazy fun.

 I have never been to Ireland. But I remember once-upon-a-time I was working in a small cozy bar and we had this customer that used to come nearly every evening. Many businessmen came to this bar to have their evening pints, they lived in hotels nearby few days a week and liked that little bar. This one dude was a "bit bigger man" and always drank Guinness, only Guinness. I thought it was mad, he could drink like 10 pints in a row... I can hardly finish A small pint. I was always joking with him and he had a mission to teach me how to make a Perfect Guinness Pint... How much foam and how to make the shamrock on it.. And yeah, One day I learned.. he was so proud of me :D -- Would be funny to try again some day to make it! .. hahaa, Maybe I should ask if I see Guinness in tab in some bar,  If they let me try..

This week has been another crazy week.. I miss my blog.. I dont seem to have time anymore.
Must organize things better:)

I have been wanting to put photos here from Fuengirola Castle. Yes, there is a castle here.Well, not really a castle but real ruins of a real castle. Not very big but cute. Nowadays its been used to concerts and fairs and such things. Daytime tourists can go there. In August there is a huge Middle Ages-fair that lasts for many days. Really cool to go there then!

Boney M was perfroming there last fall. We were bummed with Patrik that we saw that ad too late. Would have been really  cooool to go see Boney M in a castle ruins by the beach.
But nope,
lets hope some other cool concert will come this summer or fall.

We took kids to there last Sunday. Luckily went in the morning since it rained in the afternoon.
Kids like it, the towers were a nightmare, really hard old steps. The smaller tower we did not even go up with Ines. We girls waited while boys were brave.. Also, walls were full of really big holes etc and no railings what so ever. A bit scary place with little kids like Ines. We really had to keep an eye on her.
They charge 2 euros for kids, all age and 3 euros for adults and gave you this leaflet. I thought it was some story of the castle and was thinking yeah. But it was some silly Fuengirola City Travel publication, hotels and things to do around here. Nothing about the castle.
I thought that was wierd..

But now its St Paddy's Night !
With this crazy full moon, Im pretty sure its a party night down in the center here too.
I saw lots of Irish Bars today when left work, with decorations and ready to partyyy!!
I hope everyone had a great night.